Tourism and Disabled people



Since 2015, the Tourist Office of the Longwy Region has the certification « Tourism and Disability » ensuring a quality welcome, adapted to the specific requirements of people with disabilities (hearing impairment, mental handicap, motor disability and visual impairment).

The Tourist Office of the Longwy Region decided the following initiatives :

  • Spontaneous individual assistance, tailored to the needs, is offered to all customers with disabilities.
  • People working at the reception desk are trained to assist people with disabilities.
  • Seasonal workers are made aware of our customized services and of the reception of people with disabilities.
  • The documentation is understandable, easily identified and clearly presented, on upright racks.
  • Documents in Braille (tactile reading and writing system for use by the blind or visually impaired).
  • A list of services for disabled tourists is available (document with enlarged characters).
  • A special table is available for people in a wheelchair.
  • Several seats are at the disposal of disabled people to rest.
  • For visually impaired people, a magnifying glass is attached to the reception desk.
  • A hearing aid system (magnetic loop, combined amplifier) is offered.
  • ACCEO, specialized communication platform, is available (with computer, webcam and internet connexion). ACCEO operators translate, interpret, transcribe or code verbal exchanges between hearing-impaired people/deaf people and the people working at the reception.
  • A bell is attached to the entrance door of the tourist office, for people with disabilities who want to signal their presence.
  • A marked lane runs from the disabled parking spot to the reception desk.
  • Four electric scooters are available for disabled people, during the guided tours of the fortifications in Longwy.
  • Toilets for mobility-impaired people are located in the street « Artistide Briand » in Longwy Haut.